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Scooter Rentals

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4 hours

Discover Utrecht on a scooter!

This is a unique and fun to do. Rent the scooter for 1.5 hours to 4 hours. This activity is more sporty than walking and more accessible than cycling, and also more fun! Ideal for sports enthusiasts or recreational users. Groups of up to 20 people can also use the scooter. Or make it part of an alternating program with SUPing or canoeing.

You can expect to go about 10 kilometers per hour, or up to 18 kilometers per hour if you’re more on the athletic side.

From our location in the center of Utrecht you can scooter through various beautiful routes through nature or the city center. The Oude Gracht is around the corner, very nice to ride along a terrace. In addition, we strongly recommend our favorite: the round of Singel. This tour leads you around the historic city center of Utrecht and the bike path is very nice. Take a break at one of the many restaurants or take a drink with you on the way to drink in the park.

For the nature fan we also have longer routes through the green surroundings of Utrecht. Ride past Rijnauwen Castle or the beautiful Amelisweerd.